Friday, October 28, 2016

Fall decorating ideas

Beautiful fall porch decorating ideas

I'm a sucker for a beautifully decorated porch or container garden. I though Friday would be a good time to share these ideas with you incase you were looking for a weekend activity.

I love this swing and the cozy tartan blanket. I'd go out there in the morning with my coffee and baby son and we'd read.
via Country Living

A burlap sack filled with flowers is a unique way to decorate your door.
via Country Living

Kale and pumpkins make a pretty pairing in this container garden.
Unique by Design Landscaping

Another pretty container garden - I love all the layers.
Unique by Design Landscaping

If you like a brighter look, a blue door with a painted magnolia leaf wreath makes for a cheerful welcome.
via Country Living

If you're into more is more - stacks of pumpkins and lanterns stuffed with string lights is an attention getter.
via Pinterest via ?

How do you decorate your porch for fall?

Thursday, October 27, 2016

A kitchen transformation: dark and cramped to bright, open, and beautiful

This kitchen transformation is going to knock your socks off!  As you'll see in the before pictures below, this kitchen started out dark and stifling and closed.  Interior designer Carla Aston worked her amazing magic and turned it into a bright, open, and beautiful space to be in.

First, just a little teaser of the "after"  So pretty...white cabinets, subway tile backsplash... it was before.

Sorry, that had to be done.  All that dark granite and honey wood is too much in this space.  Let's go back to where we can breath..

Ahhhh, that's so much better. Wouldn't this be a lovely kitchen to walk into each morning?

A love that the backsplash tile goes all the way to the ceiling.

There used to be a doorway on either side of the fridge but Carla cleverly reclaimed some of that space for cabinets.

 The sandy hue of the counters add some warmth to the space.

The open shelves break up the white wall and allow the owner to show off decorative items.

What do you think?

Go to Carla's Aston Designed to read more about this project.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Inspiration for using copper in your home

Copper accents, Decor, hoods, and tubs

If you haven't noticed, copper is BIG right now. Wether you can only afford to go small with decor like copper hardware, cookware, planters, or lighting OR if you are lucky enough to go big like with a copper tub, range hood, gutter, or doors, there is plenty of inspiration below. So get your Christmas list out and get ready to take notes!

Want to start small? If you're nervous about integrating copper in your decor or simply have a more modest budget, copper pendants are a great way to add the warmth and patina in your home.
via Style Me Pretty

Want to go grandiose? It doesn't get more beautiful than this modern copper door.  It brings out the warmth in the stones perfectly, and will continue to be beautiful with age.
via Pinterest via Houzz

I take a lot of hot baths in the winter.  This tub would be more than adequate for soaking.

 via Pinterest via DecorPad

I couldn't decide which example of a copper hood to show you, so I thought you wouldn't mind seeing both. I wouldn't mind having either!
via Pinterest via Jessica Gordon Ryan

Copper farmhouse sink!!! Leaded glass windows!
via Houzz

Depending on your number of cabinets, copper hardware can be an affordable way to integrate copper into your decor.
via DecorPad

If you're in the market for some great copper products check out CopperSmith.  They have reviews on their site and a very wide range of copper tubs, range hoods, decor, etc. - even copper tables - which look gorgeous!  Below are just a few great finds:

This is a copper table - isn't it gorgeous!

Do you have any copper beauties in your home?

DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Beautiful Dining Room Inspiration

Dining Room Inspiration just in time for Thanksgiving!

Whether your hosting this year or not, I figured it would still be nice to indulge in a little dining room eye candy.

Black ceiling and a rich rust colored carpet...I'm a fan. You?
via Pinterest via Domino

Big comfy chairs make it easy to linger around the table.
via Pinterest via Jennifer O'Brien - City Farmhouse

Loving the contrasts here between white and navy blue.
via Pinterest via The Ivory Lane

This one might be my favorite from the round up.  It's family friendly but still sophisticated.  And that blue wall is so pretty!
via Pinterest via BHG

via Pinterest via My Domaine

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Proof wall to wall carpeting can be gorgeous

Growing up in an old farmhouse, we always had hardwood floors, so it would be hard for me to go to carpet I think.  That being said, wall to wall carpet does have it's advantages.  Nothing beats it's coziness underfoot, and when you have an infant who spends his day on the floor, under butt.  Also, if you live in a rental, wall to wall carpeting might be what your stuck with.  So fear not, or rejoice - wall to wall carpeting can be just as gorgeous as hardwood floors.

Wall to wall sisal carpet paired with the black walls looks so sophisticated!
via Design Sponge

If I were to ever go the carpet route I would want something with a modern texture in a neutral shade.
via Pinterest via Houzz

In this neutral bedroom the carpeting adds another layer of rich texture.
via Pinterest via Great Interior Design

Loving these grays with the pops of yellow.
via Focus...Damn it!

How dreamy and lush is this dressing room walk-in closet with diamond patterned carpet?
via Design Sponge

Pretty pretty gold bamboo bed frame with a minimal geometric patterned carpet in gray keeps things crisp.
via Design Sponge


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